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The guitar is an attractive looking and beautiful sounding instrument. Also to young kids. And once the kids get excited about the guitar try stopping them.

I used to teach kids to play guitar from the age of 9, but my wife and I found a way to simplify things and start earlier for younger kids who can’t wait that long. We began teaching our own kids to play guitar from the age of 5. Along the way, we discovered the best approach to teach these young students how to learn this challenging instrument and have fun at the same time.

Although our kids chose to learn the guitar without our meddling, we are aware of the influence we have as parents since we are both guitar teachers and the house is full of instruments. There is almost no escaping ;)

Melody and Riffs
We always start to teach easy and short melodies from familiar songs they love to hear. A big motivator! The practice of those simple melody lines, using only one string in the beginning, really contributes to the dexterity of their playing.


A nice touch to the experience is playing the electric guitar from time to time. We turn on the amp with a fat distortion and let them play the famous intro riff of Smoke on the water by Deep Purple. (Don’t worry, they also love to play it on an acoustic guitar). They can start off practicing that melody on just one string:

smoke on the water - easy riff

After a while they can learn the original riff which is played on two strings:

smoke on the water guitar riff

Another great follow up riff is Seven nation army by the White stripes. If they get it really slow in the beginning that is just fine. Speed comes with practice. Just teach them to memorize the notes of the riff. A good idea is to let them sing the fret numbers to the riff melody: 7 – 7 – 10 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 2.


seven nation army easy guitar riff

We noticed right away that most guitar chords are too big of a challenge for the small fingers of 5 year olds, so we adjusted the chords so that they are easier to play and still provide the sound and experience of real guitar playing.

Along with simplified chords (see below) you need easy strumming patterns (at first just 4 quarter note down strums for each measure) and an easy song (see below). Let them hear the original song a couple of times so they get used to the tune. Once they get the hang of the chords and strumming pattern we let them play along with the song on Youtube (Adjusting and slowing down the tempo if necessary).

Eventually they learn to play the song by themselves and sing along while playing chords and strumming at the same time. All this is taught in small and easy manageable steps. Let them take the time they need to get it right.

Below you can see the simplified chords that we teach in the beginning to get them play easy songs.


G - Em - C - D easy chords

Start with a G, Em, C and D chord. You can use a Dsus2 chord to replace the D chord in the beginning. It sounds fine for now.

There are about a million songs you can play with these four chords, from oldies to the hottest hits of today. Of course, you can also alter and simplify other chords as well, but these 4 chords are a good place to start with. Use a capo if you want to play along with the original song.

Here are some easy four-chord songs. Just start with some basic down strumming.
She will be loved – Maroon 5
Stand by me – Ben E King
I’m yours – Jason Mraz
Let it be – The Beatles

– Be patient with the kids and take small and easy steps. Just observe them and they will show you how fast they learn and what step they need to take next. Let them have fun with it.


– Inspire them by showing them fun and easy songs you play yourself.

– Put on music in your home on a regular basis. Let them get acquainted with different kinds of

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